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I use only classic tone woods bought from specialty wood suppliers known for their guitar woods. These are kiln dried before I buy them. I mill my own 'blanks' down to size on traditional woodworking shop equipment. I then let this stabilize until it's not moving any longer and is ready for guitar making.

This way, you get necks that won't move and tone wood that does what it is supposed to do. On V59 models, I use a custom designed isolated weight relief chattering system to lighten the guitar, while maintaining solid body tone.

On the Semi-hollow, I have a custom chambered design that gives the semi-hollow body sound you are familiar with.

Guitar fretboards with custom cut pearl inlays.

Honduran Rosewood Fretboards 

I use Honduran rosewood, custom milled from target stock to get my beautiful natural coloured fretboards. When shipped out of Canada to the USA, I prepare proper paper work to be able to ship this protected wood out of the country.

Wood guitar blanks.


Mahogany is a beautiful tone wood that is great for making guitar bodies and necks. It can be coloured and tinted or left natural and grain is highlighted with a technique to fill the pores and darken the grain compared to the natural wood. Then the wood can also optionally be stained prior to clear coating with nitro cellulose lacquer.

Book matched flame maple guitar top wood.

Curly Maple Tops

I use curly maple for tops. I can optionally offer master grade highly flamed tops as well (pictured here). 

Maple + Mahogany is a known recipe for a great sounding guitar that sustains. I used 8/4 stock and mill down to book matched tops that are over 1/2" for the final top.

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