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Violette Guitars' Features

... a custom hand made instrument.

At Violette Guitars, my products are created with the highest quality materials and assembled with the most care and advanced techniques available. From ideation through execution, I'm proud of everything I produce here. I'm sure you’ll be satisfied with my guitars just like everyone who has played and bought them. Check out some key features that set me apart below. Schedule a consultation to find out more!

Single cut burst guitar on a white leather barcelona chair.

Neck and Body Binding

... for an elegant and vintage look that contrasts with the top and sides


... where it matters for consistency and accuracy. Followed by many hours of hand carving and finishing and polishing

Blue guitar headstock

Matching Headstocks

...  have an elegant layered pinstripe around the perimeter and are able to be matched to the body color for an immediately distinctive look on stage

Finishes that 'pop'

... we use vintage products and techniques to get a finish that pops, that will last a lifetime and which gives a vintage style of wear...

Metallic blue double cut guitar outside with cedar hedge background.
Blue single cut guitar in a guitar case with pink velour cushioned interior.

Custom Hard Case

... to safely store your new instrument!

Precision Fretwork, Action, Setup

... crafted with care by hand to your requirements

Wood blanks to make a guitar.

Hand Selected Tonewoods

... that give you true vintage tonal characteristics, feel and weight

Hand Carved Tops

Beautifully carved tops started by CNC and finished by hand. Hand dyed busts aged to the year you would prefer.

A burst single cut vintage looking guitar with aged top.


... one year warranty on parts and labour to original owner. Service plans available...

Quality Hardware and Electronics

... sourced with care for vintage sounds that will last and are easily repairable in North America

ABR-1/ Stoptail, ABR-1 / Trapeze, Wrap Bridge, ABR / Les Trem (whammy) bridges available

Locking Tuners - Kluson Deluxe Vintage Tuners, Gotoh Locking Kluson, Mini-Bean Locking Tuners

Pink single cut guitar on white leather barcelona chair.
Wood that is in progress of being made into a guitar showing the top and the back.

Weight Relief

... get a lighter body with custom isolated weight relief chambers that keep solid body sound with less weight. Body shape also has less "hips' to make it slightly lighter.

Comfort Heel

... deep tenon and contoured heel contribute to stability and access to high frets

Back of a single cut vintage 59 model guitar showing contoured heel.

Headstock Logos

... handmade painted silkscreen like the 50s - no decals. Perfect CNC "Violette" manufacturer logo.

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