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Do you accept returns?

Refunds within 30 days are available if you are not satisfied with the product. Return authorization is required in advance from Violette Guitars and shipping charges to Violette Guitars (Toronto, ON, CA) and any damages will be dedicated from the refund.

Will you build me a "insert famous guitar model here"?

Only if you are a good buddy who I owe money to. Seriously, once you've played a Violette you won't want that other guitar.

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently I ship to North America in 3-7 days, depending on your postal or zip code.

Will you send me a free guitar because I'm in a band?

Not unless you are Joe Bonamassa!

Will you build me a guitar from parts I specify or send you?

Schedule an online consultation

where we can discuss requirements.

Our wood, hardware and all parts are carefully engineered and selected for the specific look, feel, and sound of the guitar. There are variations I offer for tuners and pickups and other hardware, and I source things I can get delivered fast locally and are quality parts that can be repaired. Most major pickup brands are supported and I can source them directly.

What is your turnaround time?

We sell a limited amount of build slots for custom built guitars. Pricing will vary by the options determined by a consultation. Deposit is required. See shop for pricing. Wait time is 6-12 months.

I will also post completed in stock guitars for sale when available - those obviously won't have a build wait time.

We also have "Luthier's Choice" guitars that are almost complete, but you get to specify some hardware, options and sometimes finishing. These have a faster turnaround than custom built guitars. Wait time depends on the status of the build when posted - 3-6 months is typical.


Good things come to those who plan - and wait.

What pricing is your store currency in?

Pricing is available in your currency but will be processed in $CAD dollars at point of sale using current exchange rates of our payment processor.

What’s payment types do you accept.

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