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I have a finite production capability as I'm a one man shop and I only want to do quality work - so I'm offering different ways and prices to get guitars in your hands. From "InStock" discounted guitars ready to order to a full on custom shop experience where you select tonewoods with me, to partially completed guitars that you specify hardware for - the different buying options to fit every type of custom guitar aficionado are outlined below ... My inventory for custom builds is aligned with my capacity so when they run out .... that's it until I get them done and release more build slots.

Vintage 59 burst guitar closeup.

Ready to Ship and Play

These Violette guitars are as you see them in the Shop and ready to ship and play! This is the fastest option to get a Violette into your hands when we have stock....

Unpainted guitar with f-hole.

In progress guitars that are available to further customize...

This is another way to acquire a Violette...when Luthier's choice are available, you can complete the spec of the guitar from where it's at currently. Stay tuned to my Instagram account for these. Usually the body and neck are complete and you can choose hardware, pickups, switching, etc. to complete your guitar. Turnaround time is a couple of months.

Guitar wood blanks.

The ultimate custom shop experience - be involved and specify all the wood, hardware and options and have your dream Violette guitar built for you...

This is a complete custom shop experience, where you are involved in speccing every aspect of the build - wood selection, hardware and option selection, custom inlays, etc - and are involved every step of the way. A limited number of build slots are sold for the year and turnaround is about 6-12 months. Deposit and waiting list required.

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