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John Violette holding 8 foot plank of mahogany wood.


I'm John Violette, the Violette in Violette Guitars! I have a passion for design, music, technology and have put all of the together in my passion for designing and manufacturing my designs with CNC and traditional woodworking techniques. Read about my story below and check the site out. 

Thanks for coming!

My Story

John Violette at 7 years old.

Violette Guitars is located in the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario, where I've been building custom guitars for 10 years. I am a musician and I was on a quest to be able to build the perfect guitar for myself. The first guitar played perfectly! I then started doing it as 'therapy' to reduce stress, because I enjoyed it so much, and I created several of my own designs, which I play as a gigging musician. I am a computer science engineer by training, so I then decided to build my own CNC machine to be able to build guitars faster with consistency. All of the key steps including final carving are still done by hand and are time intensive. Everyone who has tried my guitars has told me that I was talented and had an eye for design and that I need to start selling them! So here we are.

Every guitar is an original design with twists of my own that make them unique and custom. They are boutique-made custom guitars that can be bought from my store as in stock items (when available) or custom-built and tailored to your choices and personal preferences - for your ultimate dream guitar. The aesthetic will be classy and timeless, but the tone and building techniques are 'custom-shop' quality to give you an heirloom instrument that will be playable for a lifetime. It will look and 'feel' like a classic instrument that has been played for years and be very comfortable and broken in. Because I use classic finishing techniques from the 50s and classic finishing products, it will age naturally for a lifetime.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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