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Boutique custom electric guitars made in Ontario. Custom designs with classic aesthetic and vintage feel, sounds and playability!

Violette Guitars is located in the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario, where I've been building custom guitars for 10 years. I am a musician and I was on a quest to be able to build the perfect guitar for myself which has evolved into the custom deigns you see!

Happy customer holding guitar

“Customized to the most minute detail, my Violette V59 fits like a glove and brings out the best in my playing"

Happy female customer holding guitar

Rachelle H, Musician

"This guitar (LeClem) is a masterpiece! It plays so well and is absolutely stunning to look at. I am proud to have such a meaningful, beautifully made instrument."

Happy male customer holding guitar

Dave W., Musician

“Amazing construction and sound. A great addition to my collection....”

Phillip B, ON

“I was really happy to get a chance to play your bourbon burst. It was fantastic, resonant and comfortable with really great playability, I was truly impressed how natural it felt to play...”

Kris W, ON

"Loved it man! Really nice guitar, Very light, versatile" (Le Clem)

Chris @exoticwoods

“Great meeting you! Your guitars are even more beautiful in person."
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